The New Year

A gentle snow is falling outside. The kids have left for school - a new semester. We had a wonderful Christmas break. Now we start the new year. How thankful I am that God allows us to measure time - to be able to have new years - new weeks and new days. (Imagine if we never a new day - with no mistakes in it!)

I sat down and really evaluated this upcoming year. What I want to be and to do. Here are some of the things I am looking forward to in 2010.

1. Read my Bible through this year.

2. While reading my Bible through I will concentrate my heart towards illustrations and times when obedience is mentioned.

3. My theme for this year will be obedience.

4. Focus on school work with Zak.

5. Start preschool with Anna.

6. Sew more.

7. Make a rag quilt.

8. Paint and decorate my kitchen.

9. Finish my book.

10. Start a devotional book for ladies - theme: Walking in the Spirit.

11. More time in prayer.

12. Be a blessing to those with whom I come in contact.

13. Witness to my widow neighbor and minister to her needs as God lays it on my heart.

14. Infiltrate Zak's mind with classical music during the day and when he is in bed.

15. Memorize the book of Philippians.

None are in any specific order - all important and needing to be done.

I am looking forward to a great New Year. What are your thoughts for the year that lays before us?

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