To Read...

I have made several list in planning out my new year. One of them is a list of books I plan on reading in the next 24 months:

*The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life- by Hannah Whitall Smith

*By My Spirit - by Johnathan Goforth

*The Wind of the Spirit- by John R. Van Gelderen (currently reading)

*Prayer...asking and receiving by John R. Rice

*E.M. Bounds on Prayer

*Holiness - (by J.C. Ryle)

*A Chance to Die - by Elizabeth Elliot

*Moscow express and Other stories by Georgi Vins

* Let My People Go! by Tom Hess

*From Strength to Strength Our testimony of God's Healing by Don and Jill Vanderhoff

*Foxe's Book of Martyrs

*Contending for the Faith - by Fred Moritz

*Back to Normal Understanding Revival - by Rick Flanders

*Every Woman's Marriage- by Shannon and Greg Ethridge

*Becoming the Woman of His Dreams - by Sharon Jaynes

*8 Choices that will Change a Woman's Life - by Jill Briscoe

* The History of the Holocaust - by Rita Steinhardt Botwinick

*Parents and Children... The Role of the Parent in Education of the Child - by Charlotte M. Mason - (currently reading)

*Trusting God in a Twisted World - by Elizabeth Elliot

*The shaping of a Christian Family ... How my Parents Nurtured My Faith - by Elizabeth Elliot (Just finished reading)

* Why Johnny Can't Tell Right from Wrong - by William Kilpatrick

* A biography on the Life of Susanna Wesley- (could use suggestions)

My plan is to come back and check off when I am done reading; as well as do some book reviews on some of these books. What books are you currently reading?

Thanks for stopping by - I am so glad you did!!


Sheryl said...

How rich this will be! mmmmm

Persuaded said...

You know Martie, usually when I look over other folks "to read" lists I can pick out one or two that look good to me. But I think every single one of your choices looks wonderful. I have been wanting to read The Christian's Secret to a Happy Life for the longest time. Maybe this year I'll join you in it. Hey... maybe you should hostess a bloggity-book-club sort of thing where some of us gals read a chapter a week or so and discuss it! (Don't you just love it when other folks come up with "great ideas" for you to do? hehehe ;))

Blessings to you today♥

Martie said...

You know that does not sound like a bad idea. Any other takers? Perhaps we start in a few weeks.


Sharon said...

I love books! I've read E.M. Bounds book on Prayer and it is wonderful! Also, The Christian's Secret to a Happy Life. These are well worth re-reading again. Your list looks great!

Susan said...

I've read The Christian's Secret to a Happy Life and loved it! We also have E.M. Bounds' book on prayer. I've read Dr. Rice's book on prayer, but I'm not sure we have it anymore. I'd love to read Elisabeth Elliot's books, too!

I would enjoy a "book club" type of thing if you do it. I'd love to discuss books like these!

Persuaded said...

Ooooh, now I'm excited! For the last several years I have tended not to read books for myself and I so miss it. Our ladies Sunday school class at church filled the void until I started teaching the primary class... now no Sunday school for me:( Having the structure of a few other ladies to read and discuss with would be just the thing I need. Let me know when you want to start etc. I'll have to see about locating and borrowing the books as I am trying not to buy anything this year.