Snowed In

It has been snowing here since about midnight. Up to 16 inches are expected. The kids stayed home today from school. We were concerned, not so much about them getting to school; but about them getting home from school! The decision was made early that today would be a snow day for our family. The forecast is saying that it will continue to snow into the night; and I am praying that we will be able to get to the airport for the flight out tomorrow.

My in-law's left early before the snow got too bad. They were able to head up North and not hit too much bad weather on the way. Zak is safe and sound with them; and will be spending a few weeks ice fishing, walking through the woods and being generally spoiled by Nana and Papa. The house seems much quieter with him gone.

I am busy getting everything around for the flight out tomorrow. Surprisingly, even with all the unexpected events, everything seems to be going well!

Rachel is still sick and we are praying that her congestion is better for the flight tomorrow. I worry about her ears and the cabin pressure. I would like to say that she is feeling better today then yesterday; but alas, she is actually worse. It will be an interesting trip to Colorado. I will say that I am very glad I am going with her. It would be pretty hard to send her on the plane by herself with her feeling so poorly!

Abbey will be the little Mommy in the house for the next couple of days. I have tried to have everything laid out for her so it is not too much for her to tackle. She loves homemaking and I am completely confident that she will do a great job - - and enjoy every minute of it!]]

Well that is the update on things here. I will try to log on and say hi from Colorado. Looking forward to a great week!

Thanks for stopping by - I am so glad you did.



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Persuaded said...

Martie, I'll be praying that your week goes wonderfully well, even better than your hopes☺ What a sweetie your "little mother" is. Aren't our daughters such a gift from the Lord?