Ministry Happenings

Sorry for the delay in posts. Life has been running in the fast lane here.

We made it to Colorado for the Colorado Invitational. I had the privilege of coaching the JV quiz team for the weekend. It was a wonderful time. I loved working with all the kids -it was exciting to see the team come together throughout the weekend. Our team took third place in the competition. We saw God really help us - and allow the kids to remember the things they had studied. It indeed was an awesome opportunity to work with the team for the weekend.

Rachel and I arrived home around 1:30 on Sunday morning. I was able to sleep in my own bed for a few hours (with Rachel keeping me company); and then we headed out early to meet Rob at the church where we were scheduled for meetings this week. I got there just as the service was about to begin. I had to opportunity to teach the ladies Sunday School hour. We spent our time on the subject of reverencing your husband. We continued the series during the afternoon session teaching on the matter of submission to our husbands. I never get tired of being able to share God's Word with other ladies. Seems every time I do I am challenged again and again to be the wife God desires me to be.

Monday I spoke at a ladies luncheon. We had a sweet time there with a few ladies. We talked about thinking on truth; and how God's Word needs to be the center of our thoughts. (I am planning on doing a post on these three workshops here in the near future.)

Anna got sick while I was in Colorado. It became obvious on Tuesday that I needed to take her into the doctor. She came home with a diagnosis of a double ear infection and bronchitis. Seems Satan always tries to throw a monkey wrench into meeting weeks. She stayed home from the meeting on Tuesday night; and was considerably better in the morning - - after the medication had time to take affect.

Tonight was the last night of the conference. On the way to the meeting the van had some issues. That is a nice way to say that we rode on the shoulder of the road for about 5 miles praying that the van would not die! We were able to creep along to the gas station. Rob looked everything over - put in some gas and oil while all of us in the van were praying. (Rob was praying too as he did his jobs). We tried to put into practice the verse in James where it says, "Count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations..." We thanked the Lord for this trial and asked Him to help us. We turned out of the gas station and did not have another issue with the van the rest of the night! God is so good!!

It was a wonderful week of meetings. On the way home the kids slept the entire way! We are all tired; but thankful that God allowed us to minister this week. Serving Him brings such a sense of purpose.

Thanks for your prayers. We are all glad to have had a good week.




Becky K. said...

You are teaching your children the most valuable lessons in faith.

I am rejoicing with you in your ministry opportunities.

Becky K.

the Weigt Family said...

It was sooo good to see you Monday! I only wished we could've seen you more. I told Sheri I was jealous of their time with you. =] Anyway, you are always an encouragement and a blessing. May God bless you!