Death To Self

My desire is for Christ to be seen in my life. I want when others see me they see Him...

-- in how I interact and treat my husband

--in how I talk with the children


Then I must be cleansed from self. Cleansed from the me...

--that wants my own way

--that is inconvenienced with little ones requests.

My prayer has been to Him - "Make me like YOU." Then I opened up my Bible for my devotions and read this in my devotional book:

Anything that springs from self, however small it may be, is sin. Self-energy or self-complacency in service is sin. Self-pity in trials or difficulties, self-seeking in business of Christian work, self indulgence in one's spare time, sensitiveness, touchiness, resentment and self-defense when we are hurt or injured by others, self-consciousness, reserve, worry, fear - - all spring from self and make our cups unclean.

If we will allow Him to show us what is in our cups and then give it to Him, He will cleanse them in the precious blood that still flows for sin. That does not mean mere cleansing from the guilt of sin, nor even from the stain of sin - though thank God both of these are true - but from the sin itself, whatever it may be. And as He cleanses our cups, so He fills them to overflowing with His Holy Spirit.

- Roy Hession, Calvary Road

My prayer rang out again, "Do it God... do it for me! Show me me - Make me just like You!!"

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