The Illusion

As sinful human beings, we have a dislike for truth. Keeping truth from surfacing has become a western culture pass time. I am afraid to say that much of our life is spent trying to keep the truth hidden.

We do it everyday.

If there is a gray hair - we find a way to hide it. Cover, dye, cut or style it away. No one can see - no one can know.

If there is a bulge that is too big - we find the control tops or spandex to keep the bulge in place. If that does not work - or if the truth is too difficult -there are staples, suction or bypass from which to choose.

Girls at young age learn the fine art of 'cover-up'. Years and years of wearing the makeup has caused us to look in disdain at the bathroom mirror each morning before the "mask" has been applied.

While none of these thing in themselves is wrong - I am afraid we have become so accustomed to the facade that we have a keen sense that no one is as they appear. We feel this to be true because, in the depths of our hearts, we know we are not truly as we appear.

We spend a good part of our days doing our best to cover, conceal or create an illusion to something that is different than what we really are.

Have we inoculated ourselves to truth?

Has our fear of realness - actually caused us to view truth as repulsive?

I fear many times we have succumbed to the devil's lies; and in so doing, he has successfully made the truth look fake!

The very essence of the Christian life is based on truth.

The truth of God's words.

The truth of His attributes.

But the truth does not stop at acknowledgement to the truth ABOUT God...

In order to walk with God - to commune with Him as Friend to friend -requires us to acknowledge the truth about us.

It requires us to see ourselves the way HE sees us.

To name our sin as He names it.

We have cloaked our own sin with our cliche phrases and think that we are being honest with Him. We have been deceived!

We aren't liars - we exaggerate...

We aren't angry - we're passionate.

We aren't proud and boastful - but rather driven and task oriented.

The problem is that in our own thinking - we will always look better than someone else.

It is how the lie works.

It is the reason why we cover. Our focus becomes making ourselves acceptable to others around us. If we are honest, often times our goal is to make ourselves look better than others.

When other's thoughts and acceptance become our standard-our standard ceases to being or having an absolute answer.

In and of ourselves - the lie will continue.

Is a close walk with God impossible?

In order to see ourselves as we should we have to ask Him to reveal it to us. Then,we have to grasp the reality when He show us - US.

We can't blame the pastor for the message that cut...

We can't blame our husband...

The kids aren't the reason either...

We have to embrace the truth as HE sees it.

It hurts...

It exposes...

But, it is the only way to His side.

When my desire is to be as close to His side as I possible can be - I have to be willing to allow the masks, the facades and the excuses of myself to be taken away.

I must see myself as I really am. Oh the joy when I embrace the truth.

Hurtful - yes, at first.

Here is the joy! As soon as the truth is seen - accepted - and responsibility taken -- then comes grace.

HIS grace.

He cleanses me - forgives me - and establishes me.

No more need for me to cover - HE covers me with His righteousness.

Oh the freedom that comes when there is no more pretence - only HIM.

"Nothing in my hands I bring simply to Thy cross I cling. Rock of ages cleft for me - let me hide myself in THEE!"


Sharon said...

You've spoken the truth.

Vintage Girl said...

Truth...what a wonderful post and I thank you for your words, they have touched me deeply today. Blessings, Heather I found your blog through Diane at Tomato Soup Cake blog