New Doors

We have been in for several hearing tests in the past few months. We had hoped there would be marked improvement in his hearing after we had his tubes put back into his ears. I knew it had not worked right when I kept hearing the "what?" question coming from the back seat of the van every time I talked to him.

The last hearing test revealed that his hearing has not improved - and has actually gotten worse. The process of getting a hearing aid for his one ear has been started. We are awaiting the insurance approval.

At this same time our church unveiled a new certificate program for church members. Each Sunday afternoon classes are given on various topics. Sign language was one of the new courses being offered! I have enrolled in the new class - and will start learning a new language. It was exciting to me to see how God had opened a door for me - without me even knowing it was there.

The doctor's do not know all the ends and outs of Zak's hearing issues. We will not be able to tell for quite awhile if he is going deaf - - but if we do have to cross the bridge - I want to be ready.

I am looking forward to the new challenge - and will be excited to teach Zak too!


Sharon said...

My daughter lost most of her hearing in one ear due to a virus. They tested and MRI'd and could find no other cause. The Dr asked her if she wanted a hearing aid and she refused for now. It has been difficult for her at work sometimes because she cuts hair and there is always noise going on and when her customer says something to her, they are usually turned away from her and when she has to ask them to repeat what they said, some of them treat her as if she is stupid. This is sad, but a part of life. It is wonderful how you are able to take the class for sign language! I pray that his hearing will improve.

Heidi said...

the hearing aid will help alot, my neice and nephew wore them since just little maybe 2? years old, but they were born with the hearing impairment. The world will open up for him when he can hear better. Have fun learning sign language!