I have an enemy.

He dislikes me.

He hates what I believe.

He has his sights set upon my destruction.

He has studied my behaviour.

I have a Redeemer.

He loves me - with an everlasting love.

He is truth - and desires me to know Him.

His end goal for me is better than anything I can ever imagine.

He knows me - since before I was born.

My Redeemer has gone before and made sure that I can have complete victory over my enemy. He fought the battle.

He won.

The victory is mine EVERY time my enemy attacks.

I have my Redeemer's WORD on it!

All I have to do is claim the victory and follow my Redeemer.

How many times I have not claimed the victory. How many times I have been blinded by my enemy's attacks because I was not close to my Redeemer's side!

The time has come - to claim the victory.

I am His and He is mine.

My enemy will gain no more ground.

My enemy has been rendered completely inoperable in my life!

Christ in me - and I in Him - the victory is mine.

I claim it.

The battle's victory is assured.

Thanks be to God who giveth us the victory - - every time!!

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