The Hurting

It is hard to see friends hurt. It's hard to be a friend to someone and not be able to take away the pain and make it better. That's why so many times we try to come up with a reason for why suffering happens. We think if we can understand that will help the pain.

Many times our feeble attempts only make things hurt more; or worse yet build up faith in something that is not absolute - - the reasoning's and conclusions of our own minds.

So when we understand that there is nothing we can do to take away the hurt - where do we turn? What do we do?

We pray... that the God of ALL comfort will be made known in the suffering. That the grace of God will be clearly evidenced to those in the suffering. That God will under gird in His love and bear them up in their suffering - that He will give peace.

God answers our prayers. He comforts. I know I have seen it.

My prayers are with my friends at this time - - prayers that God will be so ever near to them that they know His presence minute by minute, hour by hour.

Will you join me in praying for them?


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I am praying for your friends along with you. God Grace will be enough if they just keep their eyes on Him and don't get overcome with all that goes on all around them even within them. You are a good friend and I am sure that helps them more than you can know. connie