It was such a wonderful day. Her first day with us!!

I can not believe that it has been two years since God brought her to us. Spring will never be quite the same. Just feeling the breeze, smelling the fresh budding trees and hanging the clothes on the line to dry makes me think of that Spring. The spring we got her!

It still amazes me at how great of a God we serve!

It's been two years since she came into our hearts - and I am still enjoying her as much now as I was then!



Becky K. said...

How can it be two whole years already? Simply amazing.

I am so very happy for all of you that God brought this sweet girl to your family.

Happy Mother's Day!

Becky K.

Sharon said...

It's hard to believe it's been two years! It's wonderful that she has such a loving home to grow up in.

Hope you have a lovely Mother's Day!