The Good Life

I can't imagine what life would be like if I had to spend my days with only having to make sure there are clean clothes for everyone and figure out what is for dinner. How boring would that be?!

Life is so much more exciting when there is mono and spleens to think about... hearing aids and autism to monitor... and for good measure a broken bone or two...

Do not- -I repeat, DO NOT feel sorry for this boy. He is wearing this blue contraption on his hand like a Olympian does a medal around his neck. (It does not help matters that everywhere we go people ask what he did to his arm!) Chest swells to full lung capacity as he explains it was a football injury. Absolutely amazing at how much pride a piece of plaster can foster in a pre - teen boy!

As for me, well, I have spent a lot of time in the van (transporting patients to their next doctor appointments) thinking about what life will be like when they are all grown and gone. I am seeing Rob and I sitting on the deck of our quiet house reading a book and sipping lemonade (oh, alright, lemonade for Rob - Diet Coke for me). I have to say that these future imaginations do not look too bad. I have yet, in my imagination, to see myself take a sip of my drink and look at Rob and say, "Boy, I sure miss spending 1/4 of my life in the van going to doctor's visits" Right now, quiet, lemonade and reading sound pretty good.

My future is looking brighter - - now if it would only get here! LOL

Trust you are enjoying your summer. Our summer is shaping up to be one we will not soon forget. Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you did.



Becky K. said...

You crack me up! Way to put a great spin on a very hard time.


Becky K.

Melissa said...

Oh, Martie! What an amazing few weeks you have had! Never a dull moment! (Should I bring Caleb down for a visit to complete the set?!)

The boys felt so sorry for James -- though in the picture James doesn't look too sorry for himself!

I'm glad you can see the humor! Sometimes that is what keeps us from crying! :)

Miss you!

Sheryl said...

Oh my! Now you've done it James. Never a dull moment is there Martie!
We love you all.