Just One Day?

I recently picked up a copy of a book that I had been wanting to read. I've seen the books on shelves since about the time my second child was getting the potty training 'thing' down. When James hit potty training age - the reward system worked for him better than any other child. (See previous post this subject!) I often joked that I needed a sign for James that read: "WILL PEE FOR FOOD". It truly was about that easy.

Then came Zak - and that is a whole different story! When potty training Zak he decided to do the 5 year plan. Autism does funny things to kids - and potty training tends to be one of those 'things'! I finally thought that if he lived long enough to go to college - he would hopefully be potty trained. I did have hope that even if that was not true there is a whole isle dedicated to the retail sale of adult sized pull ups!

Then came Anna - and I came across the book on the shelf at the Goodwill "Potty Training Your Child in One Day." I laughed at the thought - and then I saw that the book was on clearance for 50 cents. I came home and read it. (If you are depressed and in need of a good book to help you laugh - I highly recommend this book. It is especially helpful in the laughing department if you have potty trained one or more children within the last 5 years. You will 'get' the humor better if the event is not too far removed from your mind!)

The premise of the book is to make one day that you devote to potty training your child. You make sure you have lots and lots of liquids for your child to consume and you make sure that the child 'gets' that this is potty training day. You put up streamers and have a "Potty Party". The child gets new panties/underwear and a new potty chair. Then the whole day is spent talking about things that have to do with using the potty. (books, movies etc). The theory ( and it does appear that the author really believed this to work) is that by the end of the day your child will be completely potty trained.

The part that made me laugh was one of the chapters towards the end of the book that told about how you need to realize that accidents happen and that if the child is having accidents it does not mean that the child is not potty trained. That part made me laugh a lot. You read through the whole book making sure you get all the ways to have your child using the toilet exclusively by the end of the day; only to find that there is a disclaimer that reads that even after doing the "potty party" your child will still potty in his/her undergarments.

What amazes me is that this book has sold. It just shows how desperate us mothers can be for anything that will quickly get us through this passage of life. I was thinking that perhaps I should write a book on how to get a million dollars in one day. Then at the last chapter I can include that if you do not get the million dollars in that day - don't despair there are other days. Just keep trying and eventually you will get the million. ( Perhaps if I sold enough copies I could quit my day job. Oh I forgot, I don't have a day job - or at least one that pays money).

My theory on potty training has been to use as much candy as needed to get the job done. You will notice that with all the kids that have been successful in that department in our house - are not lacking for extra padding on their bodies. (Zak is a dead giveaway that he did not respond well to my plan. Oh well, 4 our of 5 is not too bad of odds. LOL

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Persuaded said...

Hey Martie, you aren't going to believe this, but I used that book... and it worked fantastically! Even with my daughter who has Down syndrome... although we took a weekend instead of just one day with her. My kids did have one or two accidents afterwards, but they were rare. I definitely considered them potty trained after the day! Strange but true, right? ;-D


Just what I needed to day, a really good smile that just broke out all over my face!! It happened as I was reading you very good post, said, with a big smile still on my face.

I do have the perfect answer to the "Potty training" mystery. We adopted our fifth child when she was around three. She came already potty trained. Just perfect, if you ask me!!!! haha. love you. connie

Melissa said...

This is hilarious! I loved it! I know that for a while I wondered if my boys were going to be potty trained before they got married, or if that was a job for the new wife! :)


Martie said...

You are my hero - to have a marathon potty training work for you!! Come live at my house the next time we go through that!! LOL

Martie said...


You have a point there. Potty training the easy way... Well... enough said. Glad I was able to brighten your day.

Martie said...


You crack me up. Amazing how time can seem to stand still - while waiting for them to grasp this concept! Miss ya