Lots to Do

There are two dates on the calendar; and a lot of action going on to get everything ready for those two dates.

July 1 - house gets put up for sale

Sept 1 - when we are scheduled to move into our new house

Rob has already started bringing the boxes home. The kitchen is under a painting renovation and the cabinet doors are in the garage being sanded down and painted a color that matches the same decade that we are currently living!

Family devotions and meal time prayers are including petitions to God - to sell our house and have us able to move to our new home in a few weeks.

We are more than ready to be closer to the school and the church and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God wants us to live closer! Now it is up to Him to get us there - and to give us the strength to get everything done.

Please pray with us - - there is a lot to do!




Persuaded said...



Wonderful news!!! I will be praying along with you and may you get there soon and without trouble. Congratulations to you all. connie

west family said...

I don't know how you guys are doing it all, we are definatly are praying with you. We also will enjoy the benefit of having you all closer to us!