Happy Birthday

Thirteen years... a long time.

She came into our lives today... thirteen years ago today.

She stayed for just a little while.

We will always remember this day - the day God added to our family a little girl. Allyssa Hope.

I think of her and wonder ...

What would she look like?

What would her personality be like - quiet? out going? driven? passive?

Would she be tall or short?

Would her hair be curly or straight.

I think of her and I wonder.

I think about this day and can not help but think about all that has happened since then.

God gave us another baby - homegrown.

God gave us two more children - hand picked.

Great grandparents have been united with Ally in Heaven.

Time has healed the deep wounds of grief.

The scars are still there.

When touched firmly the scar still hurts - it always will; but the debilitating limp is gone.

I have laughed and loved since then.

Life has gone on.

God has been so good.

Happy Birthday, Ally.
We miss you. We will always love you. We will never forget you.


Virtually Violin said...

I am always amazed at how you can write! Missing you, Ally!

west family said...

Maybe since she has matured in age, she helps babysit all of those sweet little ones that have gone on home. Maybe she has even helped my Wilson. Won't it be a grand union on the other side!
Missing our little ones together!