Household Happenings

Rachel has had a tough couple of days here lately. Wednesday was good; but it went downhill from there. She is in a lot of pain; and tonight she started running a low grade fever. I will watch the fever tonight - if we still have one tomorrow we will need to take her back in.

On a lighter note, we had some plumbing problems in the bathroom the other day. After three hours of Rob trying to 'fix' the problem we went to bed and decided to fix it in the morning. The morning came - the problem remained. Rob tried a few more things and had to leave for work. The problem continued and got worse. Finally I had enough - a phone call to the local plumber and we were back in business! It made me laugh; because Zak's name for plumbers: "Toilet-guy". I am OK with that - not sure the plumber is; but at least all of us know who Zak is talking about!

Zak took a tumble at the park yesterday. He has half a nail torn off on one of his fingers and a nice big blue chin to prove the mishap. When I asked him how it all happened he proceeded to tell - make that show - me. I have to remember that you do not ask a autistic/visual learner child what happened. I can not even begin to count the times he has re hurt himself by showing me exactly what happened.

Anna is showing definite signs that she is 2 1/2 and was away from Mom for a week. My, the downhill slide in behaviour when a child is left without instruction! Lets just put it this way, you can tell she is a sinner! LOL. I have enjoyed being home with her, instructing her and rocking her in the past week. What a joy she is to my heart.

Abbey stayed busy while I was with Rachel at the hospital. Man can that girl clean!! She loves being a little homemaker and was in her element when the house was all hers. I think it stayed cleaner than when I am around.

James really missed me - and that really made me feel good. He has been wanting to be right with me all the time. I love seeing that there is still some little boy left in him! I have enjoyed the extra hugs and cuddle time with my man.

Rob and I were able to get some time away - just the two of us. We had not had much time before Rachel got sick and there has been none since she has been sick. We were able to enjoy the night out and just talk through a lot of things. There have been so many things going on that we have not had time to talk details and also just spend time reconnecting. It was a wonderful night out with my best friend. I needed the time away from here.

Thanks so much to all of your for your prayers. I have been so overwhelmCheck Spellinged by all that has transpired; and also at how much God has taken care of us through the love and concern of our Christian brothers and sisters in Christ.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I am glad you did.




Becky K. said...

Still praying for all of you. I cannot even imagine exactly what you are feeling but I do know from personal experience the sense of God's presence in times of trouble. I pray that for you....

Becky K.

~~Deby said...

Praying here for Rachel and ALL of you....Because HE LIVES, I can face know the rest..I will sing it for you in my heart..

Walking by Faith said...

Hi friend!!! I just heard about sweet Rachel. I'm putting her name on my daily prayer list. Tell her I love her...she's blessed to have such loving mommy & daddy at this time! Love you all!~heidi