Back to the Hospital

Rachel was readmitted to Children's Hospital on Saturday. She is having trouble swallowing and just generally was not feeling well. They reran a spinal tap. They were unable, after 3 failed attempts to do the spinal tap on Saturday night in the emergency room. The decided to admit her and did a spinal tap early Sunday morning with the assistance of Xray. The fourth attempt was finally a success!

The spinal fluid came back fine. They were suspicious of meningitis; and we were thankful for the negative result back from the ST. They feel that she has come down with an acute viral infection. She has been on IVs since Sat.

They are planning on running a swallow test this morning. She has been unable to eat since Thursday. She is getting hungry - and we need to figure out why she is having trouble getting anything to go down her throat. We are praying for definite results to this swallow test.

Rachel was in quite a bit of pain last night in her lower back. Having a needle inserted into your back at least four times - tends to lend itself to back pain. They have been able to control the pain with Tylenol and Ibuprofen intermittent. She finally was able to fall asleep around 2 this morning.

Thanks so much for your prayers.


Becky K. said...

I'm sorry to hear that the recovery has been set back for a bit....praying for your entire family.

((Hugs)) to Rachel. This must be scary and frustrating.

Becky K.

kpkimball said...

We are here if you need anything and are praying for you all. Please give her a hug from us.

The Prairie Dwellers: said...

Hang in there girl! As you know..."God's grace IS sufficient"

Praying and Love sent to all of you!

Sheryl said...

I love you Martie. I'm asking the Lord to work His will for you and Rachel and bring you through this as fine gold. "His mercy is everlasting..."
We with you on this prayer and faith journey.