Update - Monday 5AM

We had a great day yesterday morning and afternoon. However, late afternoon Rachel began to feel quite tired and laid down for a nap. When she woke up she was having difficulty moving both of her legs. She also began to have a heaviness in her breathing. Her breathing tests went down in numbers and they gave her oxygen to make her comfortable. This 'episode' lasted about 3-4 hours. By late evening all symptoms had subsided - praise the Lord!

She had a good night sleeping; and is continuing to do so as I write this post. In fact, when I got up this morning and watched her sleeping so soundly I thought of the verse that talks about how the Lord gives His beloved sleep.

We have a busy morning coming upon is here. They have called in the top neurologist of the hospital to evaluate her and see if he thinks she is a candidate for a treatment they use in this Guillian-Baare'. We are praying for wisdom on his part to know exactly what to do; as the treatment has a long list of side effects. They also are talking about running more tests to help understand all that is happening in her body.

Here are a few prayer requests:

*The doctor to have a clear direction of what course of action to take in Rachel's care.

*For peace of mind and heart for Rachel. It is quite a scary thing to go from walking down a hall easily to not being able to hardly move. We have talked with her about what she needs to be thinking and verses to be dwelling on during these episodes. Pray that she will have a real sense of peace during these times.

*That my mind would be fixed upon truth. It is easy to let your mind get carried away in thoughts that are fearful. I need to rest completely in the Lord.

We are completely overwhelmed by the love and care we have received from our church family. I can not type that phrase without tears coming to my eyes. It means so much to us to see how God is pouring His love and care on us through our local church. We KNOW you all are praying - and that means more than I could ever be able to express!! Thank you!

On a happy note, today is my husband's birthday. Happy Birthday Rob!

We will update as we can. Thanks again for your prayers.



Anonymous said...

Get Better Rachel

Love ya,


Sheryl S said...

We are praying in North Dakota. My husband read your letter to the church last night and we prayed for God's will with Rachel's health.
Love you all. We'll be in touch.

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with you in this uncertain time.
Love you. (Happy birthday, Rob.) The Emslies

Dianne said...

We are praying for your Rachel and your family here in Larimore.
Just know we love you all.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Spurgeon...

Wanted to ask first if it would be ok to put her on our church prayer list? We will be praying as well.

Joanne' Dupee

Martie said...

Yes, we appriciate your prayers. Tell your pastor hi from us.