Saturday Update - 2

It is Saturday afternoon. We have had a wonderful day. Rachel seems up beat, has some color in her cheeks and feels stronger in her extremities. We are praising the Lord.

She did quite a workout with her physical therapist this afternoon. She was able to do six stairs! We were quite excited about that. She has had some weakness to the left leg return this afternoon. Seems after she works for awhile the weakness is more prevalent; but all part of the recovery plan.

She continues to be on a 'soft' diet and will be through the weekend. She has had some swallowing issues in her throat due to the nerve issues. We are praying that resolves this weekend.

She has so enjoyed having visitors. It brightens her day to have people come and see her. Thanks to everyone who has come! She has been sick for so long that she has found herself missing being able to be with her friends enjoying the summer.

We are thanking the Lord for the good day. Thanks so much for your prayers.


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Becky K. said...

Praising the Lord. This is good news. Bless her heart!

Becky K.