Sat Update - 1

It is Saturday morning - 4:30 am. I am thankful to say that we have had a very quiet night. Praise the Lord. Rachel has slept through the night and we did not have any problems. God is good.

We will see how the day ahead of us goes. It really is an hour by hour wait and see process. The doctor said that we are staying in the hospital at least till Monday. While I do not like a longer stay - I am thankful that at least we can plan the weekend out.

Thanks so much for your prayers. They mean so much.



the Weigt Family said...

We will keep praying that she cont. to improve and that you can get her home real soon!

Rebecca said...

God bless you. We'll be praying.

Rebecca F.

Smith Family said...

Hello Spurgeon Family

I just wanted to let you know we are praying for you all. I missed Wednesday night's service because of Cola Clash, so I am very thankful they included a link to your blog this morning so I could find out these details.

May the Lord wrap you in His loving arms and make Himself oh so real to you during this time...I am sure He already has!

Marlene Smith