Rachel update 1

We are in need of your prayers. Rachel was admitted on Tuesday at Children's Hospital.

Due to extreme weakening of her legs and arms the doctor's felt that she needed to be admitted to the hospital for evaluation. A spinal tap was run, an MRI and several other unpleasant tests have been done in the past several days. Yesterday she was given a diagnosis of Guillian-Baare' syndrome. We have a long road of recovery ahead of us.

Early this morning she was having trouble breathing and being able to move. She was admitted in the PICU at Children's at that time. She is doing better this afternoon and there is talk of getting her back to her normal floor. We will wait and see.

She did do two laps around the PICU this morning. We are excited that the set back was not for a long period of time. We do however, have the evening hours ahead of us and we would covet your prayers that tonight will be uneventful.

I will keep posting as I have time; although I do feel like we are in a completely different world here. Thanks so much for your prayers. They mean so much to us at this time.



Susan said...

Praying for your daughter! I don't know much about her condition, but I do know it is a long road to recovery. Praying for grace and strength for your family!

the Weigt Family said...

Oh Martie,
Please let Rachel know she is in our prayers! How frightening for her...and you! May God's grace be your strength and comfort through this difficult time. Love and Prayers, the Weigt family

Becky K. said...


You will all be in my prayers. Praying that Rachel continues to get stronger and is home with you soon.

Becky K.

~~Deby said...

Praying Martie...