Moving Forward

We are amazed at the goodness of the Lord. Rachel is doing better each and every day. She definitely looks like she is not so sick. She has been sleeping - in her own bed - upstairs! Her appetite has gotten back to normal. The headaches are sporadic - not constant; and not causing o much pain that she is nauseated.

She has been back to practicing her music - so good to hear that coming from her room! She has been reading - and comprehending! There have been times in the last few days I have wondered where she was - only to find her on my bed reading, and enjoying, a book.

We are trying to work at building up her endurance levels. She has been practicing her writing - and her hands are getting stronger each session she has! She has been requested to go up and down the stairs several times throughout the day. Anna has enjoyed having her oldest sister be able to pick her up. (She still struggles a bit with this; but we are a far cry better than we were two weeks ago!)

We are making plans to send her back to school on Monday. This has been a bit of a hard decision for me. She has been so sick for such a long time - that there is fear there that she not overdue; however, I am confident that it is God that is healing her body through the nutrition and supplementation we are using - it will be God who will continue to build her up and give us wisdom for her school year.

I am truly amazed at the goodness of God to us! It is neat to see how Rachel has grown through all of this also. She says she is going to write down something everyday that is beautiful about that day. One entry for each day for one year. A reminder of how wonderful it is to be alive and living out her senior year. I am anxious to read her observations. Sickness - prolonged sickness - has a way of changing ones perspective!

Thanks so much to everyone for praying. Please continue to pray as she builds up her stamina.




Becky K. said...

What wonderful news this is!!! Who would have guessed just short weeks ago that she would be back to her music and reading already.

Becky K.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful News, answered prayer -
What a Great God we have !
I was blessed to hear of the improvement... Enjoyed your blog as well... Love you.
Mrs. Silcox

Mrs. Shaffer said...

You are absolutely right when you say, "prolonged sickness changes your perspective". Indeed, it does. For a Christian, it is the best time of all to really learn to "know" the Lord. His grace is sufficient. I wouldn't trade my health battles for anything, for it's been in the valley that I've gotten to know my Lord the best. We're so happy that Rachel is doing better! Praise the Lord!

Melissa said...

YEAH!!!!! I am soooo thankful! What a blessing! We will keep praying.


Anonymous said...

What a blessing! SO glad to hear there is improvment.

Bill and Joanne' Dupee

Melissa said...

I shared Rachel's progress at church last night, and there was a collective gasp! Everyone was so amazed at her rapid recovery! Many praised the Lord for God's working in her life!