Another Hospital Visit

We had yet another trip to the hospital with Rachel. Pain has been the biggest issue. She has missed a week of school; and is anxious to get back. They have run more tests and are looking into an autoimmune issue. We spent eight hours in the emergency room before they made the decision to admit her to the hospital.

She was discharged from the hospital last night and we are trying to get rested up from the difficult couple of nights. We head back to Children's tomorrow for another doctor appointment. As difficult as this week has been, we do feel we are getting somewhere and getting some answers. We are thankful for that. Thanks for your prayers.


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the Weigt Family said...

My computer has been down and I haven't been able to check your blog in forever!! Anyways, the kids still "fight" over who is going to pray for Rachel each night and now I'm glad they are! We will keep her in our prayers and the doctors that they may finally find the root of the problem! Love and Prayers, Heather