Family Fun Night

Several weeks ago - (yes, I am just now getting the pictures off my camera and into the computer!) we were all home for a Friday night. We decided that we would have a family night. Rob did not want to just do an ordinary family night - and surprised the kids with s'mores.

The weather was too cold for the marshmallow roasting to be done outdoors, so we improvised and had a cookout in the kitchen.

The marshmallow on fire seemed to be the pic of choice for all of them to pose for:

Unless, you are in Jr High - then a picture of you make funny faces and trying to be the star of the party is in order:

Again, the fire picture. Same pose - different kid:

Zak got all he could out of the marshmallows being the crackers have gluten. Bring on MORE of the sticky white things!

Now, this picture is to prove - 'like mother, like daughter' - is true not matter what. Anna HATES her fingers getting sticky. (None of my readers will appreciate this picture as much as my Mom; because somewhere in the shoe boxes of photos stored somewhere in her house, is a photo much the same. There is a difference, the baby in my Mom's picture is me but the look on my face is the same.)
I HATE my fingers getting sticky. This is EXACTLY how I feel inside when I find my fingers feeling sticky. "It's OK, Anna, Momma understands!"

You will see that there are no pictures of me roasting marshmallows or eating s'mores - of course not! My fingers might get sticky in the process. I just took pictures - and enjoyed a Diet Coke!
Thanks for stopping by. I am so glad you did. I must go - just looking at this picture makes me want to go wash my hands!

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