Answered Prayers

The past few weeks have been interesting in regards to our vehicle situation. It seemed that every time we turned around something was going wrong with one of our two vehicles. The last such instance came on a Sunday night as we were heading home from church. The van started to act funny and we all knew of something was not right. (You get that idea when you see your husband carrying a bucket of water from out of a gas station at 9:30 at night - in his suit and tie no less!) We had been praying that God would show us what to do about our vehicle issues.

I knew that night that we were going to see God answer our prayers - I just did not know how He would do it. We told the kids that they could not go to school the next day because there was no vehicle to take them there. The next morning the children prayed on and off throughout the day that God would provide a car for us. They asked me several times how many days that they were going to miss of school. I told them I did not know. I told them the truth. I also told them that unless someone pulled up into our driveway with a new car - they were not going to school the next day either; because we did not have the money to just go out and purchase a new car.

Zak finished breakfast and said that he wanted to go up to his room and pray awhile about a new car. I told him that would be great. While he was up praying someone pulled into our driveway. I am not exaggerating at all - they had a car that they had purchased for us and were there to drop it off. The kids were jumping up and down. Some were crying. I was crying.

How thankful I am that we have a God who cares about the details of our lives. How thankful I was that He allowed this situation to show my children that He cares. Zak kept saying it over and over, "I prayed, God answered, I knew He would!"

I knew He would too - I just did not know HOW He would answer. I think it's best that way. I love being amazed by my God!

The other two vehicles have seen their last days. We now are down to one van. It leaves quite a juggling match for us in getting everyone off and to their correct places each morning; but we are managing.

What a God we serve.

Trust you are able to bask in His greatness. Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you did.

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