Birthday Celebration

This fall we celebrated Zak's birthday. I just can not believe how old he is getting! It also seems he gets taller each and every day. I am almost sure that he will be the tallest child in our family - we will wait and see. I wanted to share pictures of the birthday boy.

Zak with a plate full of food - he special ordered a cookout.

He had been asking for a balloon each time we passed the floral department at our local grocery store. He was quite surprised and happy at the gift. (We were surprised at how Zak's shirt matched his balloon!)

Our celebration was blessed with two different phone calls. Both sets of grandparents called while we were celebrating - making the night complete. Zak was so excited that they called to talk just to him!

I loved this picture. One of the few you will see where Zak is not smiling. I liked it because the look on his face is about how I feel each year as I look at a cake nearly on fire with all my birthday candles. I just wonder what his expression will be at 39 if this is what he looks like at 8!

No one can every know how thankful I am that God brought Zak into our lives. He truly is a gift to us from God. I can not imagine our lives without him!
Happy Birthday, Zak. We love you!


Pastor & Mrs. Shaffer in North Dakota said...

Happy Birthday Zack! We love you and we love your dear family.

Becky K. said...

How very precious. I, too, love those thoughtful expressions when we manage to catch them.

I can't believe how much Zack has changed since I started reading your blog. He IS growing up.

Becky K.