I have become very aware of time here lately. I think about it often.

The time it takes to get to school - everyday.

The time spent waiting for school to end - everyday.

The time I need for housework now crammed into just a day - Saturday.

I spend a lot of time thinking about the lack of time; or the amount of time spent doing things on a weekly or daily basis. However, lately I have been thinking about how fast time seems to slip by.

Perhaps it is a mid life crisis. Perhaps it has a lot to do with a summer that was filled with unexpected illnesses that still linger. Perhaps it is a little of both.

I am amazed at how fast time goes by. How quickly the years have come and gone with our oldest daughter Rachel. It seems like just yesterday I was planning her nursery and looking forward to the day she would be born. Now, I am planning her graduation. It just flew by so quickly.

I think about when I had just two little girls in tow and can remember teaching them how to fold washcloths and put the pajama's away. Now they can efficiently do all the laundry themselves - I still have to remind them to put away their pj's in the morning. :)

I think about Ally's homegoing, and I'm amazed that it has been thirteen years since we stood in the snow and said goodbye. My little ones were still little - one still safe within me growing and waiting to enter the world.

My, it has gone by so fast! Without warning, it has just sped by. I want it to stop. I want to go back and do it again - taking time to stop and take in the smell of their hair as they cuddle with me for a quick bedtime story. I want to record within my mind their giggles and laughs as they enjoy Daddy pushing them on the swing set after a long day at work. I did not think it would go by this fast.

I am determined. Determined, that with the time that is remaining I will enjoy the time as much as I can. I will stop the hectic rush of life and spend time enjoying what really matters. Because what really matters will not be here with me in my house forever. I will enjoy them. I will love them. Each day, I will cherish that we are all still together.

Today, I will love them and realize that someday, sooner than I want to think, I will look back and think how fast the time as gone.

Thanks for stopping by. I am so glad you did.


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