Update on Rachel

I feel the need to apologize for my delay in posting. The proverbial, “ I’ve been busy,” is the only reason I can give. The school schedule seems to be keeping us quite busy and I am finding my blogging time, and my accessibility to a computer to hamper my efforts here. We also have had some set backs with Rachel and her health. This has caused my time to be even more limited as I try to find time to accommodate doctor appointments.

Rachel has come a long way from where we were this summer; and for that I am thankful! She still is having some difficulty having the stamina to keep up with her normal life. We were planning on pulling her out of afternoon classes to allow her to have some extra rest time. However, she is in need of one of her afternoon classes in order to graduate; leaving that option to be of a last resort.

She continues to have weakness and has experienced increased pain in her joints and muscles. The doctors have prescribed her physical therapy for the time being. She is going to therapy two to three times a week to try to build up her muscles and recondition after the long summer of being down. We have not, as of yet, seen any benefit to this venture; but are continuing to work on the exercises and give the body time to get stronger.

She has had some blood work come back questionable and we are awaiting a visit to a specialist in Milwaukee. The overall inflammation throughout her body is high. The insurance has been pushing for these tests to be run to give us a more conclusive diagnosis to her prolonged illness. We are thankful that we have the opportunity to have the tests run. We plan on using the results to give us more information to make knowledgeable decisions about her care.

At this time, she is continuing at school and we are thankful for that. She has had to back out of some things; but we are thankful that she is still able to attend school. Thanks so much for all your prayers and emails. It means so much that people are praying.

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