It seems we have been so busy lately with everything. However, with Christmas break right around the corner I can feel things slowing down a bit. I am looking forward to some family time in the upcoming days.

The snow seems to complete the holiday ensemble quite nicely. I enjoy looking at all the trees still heavy with snow even a week after the storm. The county landscape is beautiful on our way to school each day. I would enjoy it more if I did not have to worry about driving on roads that still have ice on them!

Christmas shopping is finishing up this weekend. I find having the kids going to school our time is limited in doing any shopping. I am taking two of the kids out this afternoon to start/finish their shopping for siblings. They are looking forward to the time out with Mom.

Zak is busy reading the names on packages under the tree. He is doing a pretty good job at it too. We seem to have a problem though, in that if he sees his name on the gift he thinks it is for him - even the ones that are FROM him. We will see how that works out for us on Christmas morning.

Rachel continues to battle quite a bit of health issues. We did have some blood work that came back this week showing significant vitamin D deficiency. It seems that most people lack the D vitamin; but according to the doctor Rachel's tests showed extreme deficiency. We are working on that. She is getting sick A LOT! We are in the process of making some decisions about what to do for her there. We feel very strongly that we have to get her better and need to do anything it takes to get her that way.

Rob is preaching a wedding this week at in Appleton. We are looking forward to seeing friends there that we have not seen in a while. I am looking forward to enjoying a Christmas wedding. Anna will be there - and I am sure that she will take it all in with joy. Her current fixation on princesses and long flowing gowns will aid her enjoyment of the event quite a bit! If it works out, we are planning on Anna being able to visit with her foster parents while we are there.

Hope, that despite the busyness of the season, you are finding time to enjoy your family. Thanks so much for stopping by - I am so glad you did.



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