I am amazed at how God has encouraged my heart this Christmas season. It has been a difficult time with Rachel being sick - and we continue to battle things, it seems, on a daily basis. Yet, God has been there to help and encourage us even during this difficult time.

God many times uses people to encourage. He has done that again.

For all of you readers who know what I am talking about - because you were involved in the blessing - I can only say to you - "Thank You!"

For the past 6 weeks or so we have been trying to manage life with only one running vehicle. It has not been easy! Rob and I have prayed that God either provide us with another vehicle or give us the strength to do what we needed to do to accomplish our daily life. I can honestly say that God has answered both of those prayers! (I will spare you the details of the past weeks - but it was not easy!) To add to that, we have come across some financial needs during this time that have strapped us.

Last week my husband officiated a wedding for a girl that was a member of our church in Kaukauna. It was wonderful to see friends and fellowship with people after the wedding. During the reception, several people gathered around us and handed us a card and a box containing several gifts of cards and money. They they told us they had something else for us outside. We were overwhelmed when we went outside to find that there was a car sitting in the lot with a bow on it's hood. The car was titled and insured with our names on it! With tears running down our cheeks - we knew God had answered our prayers. Then we were taken to the trunk of the car where we found it packed with boxes of wrapped gifts for our family. We were overwhelmed! We still are overwhelmed!

For all of you who had a part in this - I can not even begin to tell you how much your sacrifice for us has encouraged and blessed us.

This Christmas my children opened more gifts than they have in several years. Several key needs we were praying for were met - and we stand amazed. Our God is good - all the time. If we had finished Christmas day with only one car in the driveway and only a few modest Christmas gifts under the tree - God would still have been just as good. But this year - He chose to allow us to be amazed at His love for us.

We have counted our blessings so many times in the past week - and knowing that so many people sacrificed for us has humbled us and brought us to tears more times than just that first night. Thank you.

God truly has blessed us with some amazing friends. I pray that someday we are able to turn around and do that same for someone else. Thank you!!

Merry Christmas,



Becky K. said...

We do serve an amazing God and it is wonderful to hear of His work through His people! Thanks for sharing this uplifting experience.

I am soooo happy for you!

Praying that Rachel's year is a thousand times better than the last one.

Sheryl Shaffer said...

What a blessing! God can do the impossible and He does often use people. When it's all said and done, we can only praise Him! What a Good God we serve. We love you all!