Our Weekend

(A Cardinal was sitting outside our window this morning as we were getting ready for the day)

We heard the weather reports and knew it was going to be a doosy! Grandma and Grandpa were visiting and cut their trip short - needed to get on the road before it hit. Groceries were purchased ( by Grandma - thanks Mom!), coats and hats were made ready in the mudroom.

It started out as rain. It turned to snow. As we were on our way to a Christmas dinner - hosted by my husband's boss and his wife. The drive there was slow; and we were well aware that it would be an even slower drive home in a few hours.

The flakes that were falling were heavy and wet. It made the country landscape picture perfect for the party. We enjoyed a hearty beef stew, salad and carrots. The chef brought in for the party made the perfect meal for a snow night. We visited with others at the party as we ate; but when the meal was done every one's thoughts moved to getting home.

The drive was slow; but we made it home fine. Then we snuggled in for the storm - and did it storm! The wind rustled the windows all through the night. The snow continued to fall through the night and most of the next day. I loved it! All together as a family.

We enjoyed left over lasagna and salad for lunch and each other's company for the afternoon. Dad and James spent the afternoon digging out the driveway. I had homemade hot chocolate waiting for them. Zak and Anna, too eager to wait for them to finish their jobs, sat at the table sipping their hot chocolate with spoons. A test drive was done to see if there would be any way that we could get out and head to church for the evening service. Every road out of town was tried - all offered no hope of making the trip. Dad came home to tell everyone that we would be staying home for the night. There were tears. Disappointment was there as we thought about the Christmas program that we would not be able to enjoy.

A pot of chili was put on the stove and our prayers were made for the church and people in the play as well as those in attendance. Prayers that Christ would be lifted up and all there would be drawn to Him. Dinner was enjoyed together as a family, while wet mittens and hats hung from the folding rack placed near the heating vent in the dinning room. I am not sure what made me feel warmer, the hot soup or enjoying it with my kids and family all around.

It causes an inconvenience; but I must say sometimes it is nice to everything stop and just be able to be home enjoying each other.

Trust you had a good and safe weekend. Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you did.



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