Wed early AM

We are in the hosptial with Rachel. They have admitted her because of this mysterious rash moving up her arm. They are unsure exactly what it is. The have two theories. One that it is a case of shingles. The other theory is that we are dealing with an agressive staph infection.

They are treating her for both. She currently is recieving rounds of anti-viral IV fluids and anti-biotic IV fluids.

The doctor said that if it is a staph infection it appears to be heading towards the lymph system. That could cause this to become a very serious issue. They have taken blood cultures and we are waiting for results.

Since we have been here the few hours the rash has continued to move up the arm, past the elbow and is now very close and near to her shoulder bone. They are still unsure of what we are dealing with here. It does appear that whatever it is - the IV's we have been doing this evening are not stopping the spread.

Thanks for your prayers!


hip-chick said...

I will include her in my prayers. Please keep us updated when you are able to.

Jackie Koll said...

I will continue to pray.

Becky K. said...