We had planned a small vacation for the few days after the holidays. Our plans changed for several different reasons - one of the main ones was Rachel. She has developed a burn like rash on her hand. On Monday morning, I was awakened by a phone call. Her doctor telling me the test results of the throat culture she had before Christmas. They were positive for strep. I told her about the burn - she asked me to come in. We have been in every day since. Every other day the burn seems to move up the arm anywhere from 4-6 inches.

They have tried some aggressive treatments to get it to stop. We have been unable to do so at this time. She has been referred to the hospital wound clinic this afternoon. We are heading down there shortly.

Just posting to ask for prayer. Not sure what this is - or what the treatment available will be. They have been putting out some pretty nasty names of infections. We are praying for a correct diagnosis this afternoon and a form of treatment that is able to take care of this burn.

Rachel is in considerable pain - as the rash burns badly on her arm. At this time her arm has a burn like rash on it from the hand to about 3 inches past the elbow. Just to touch her arm you can feel how hot it is.

Thanks for your prayers.


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Jackie Koll said...

Poor thing - I will be praying.