Another Update

We have been in and out of doctor's offices since I last posted. Rachel continues to battle with several infections. She is also having some peripheral nerve issues surfacing again. Her vision has changed in the last couple days. These things happened this summer when she was in the hospital for the Gullian-Barre syndrome.

We made a trip down to Children's last night because her doctor here felt that we had another infection starting up. Her lab work last night at the hospital did not send up any red flags and they sent her home for the time being. (She was so glad to be going home!)

She has an appointment with the Immune doctors tomorrow afternoon. We are awaiting what tests they will decide to run; and get their opinions on what is going on with Rachel's health.

Things at home here have been running pretty smooth. We seem to be in a holding pattern and that can be a bit unnerving. I have been trying to get things done and be proactive in having things ready in case we have an extended hospital stay ahead of us. I also have tried to keep busy - so as to help me not go crazy with all the details we are being given in regards to this T cell disorder.

God is good. I have been prompted several times to read a certain passage. Always I find comfort and encouragement through God's words to me! I feel quite assured that God wants me to make Him and Heaven so real to Rachel that even though what she is going through at this time is hard, she will have a peace that God is greater and Heaven is better than anything this world has to offer.

I will keep you all updated as I can. Thanks again for your prayers.




west family said...

I was most encouraged by your faith when we talked the other night, I will continue to be praying for grace for you all! love Ya

the Weigt Family said...

We continue to lift up Rachel each night at our family Bible study time. May God give the doctors wisdom and guidance tomorrow and may the "peace that passes all understanding" (Hunter recited that verse before his MRI today=]) keep you as you wait for more answers. Love and Prayers, the Weigt family