Mom: Zak, stop picking your nose.

Zak: (Quickly taking his finger out of his nose) Yes, Ma'am.

Mom: (quite taken aback by his great obedient response-- says nothing)

Mom: (Looking over at Zak's younger sister) Anna, stop picking your nose! (Quickly giving Zak a look that said, "see what you taught your sister to do!")

Anna: But, Momma. I need to get the rocks out of my nose!

Mom: (To Abbey sitting close by) What did she say?

Abbey: She said she needed to get the rocks out of her nose.

Anna: There are rocks in my nose

Mom: (Having never heard the word 'rocks' used for the word boogers) Leave the rocks where they are. Stop picking you nose!

Anna: (reluctantly) Yes, Ma'am.

Some days I think there are rocks in my head. Today my daughter thought they were in her nose! Made for a good laugh anyway.

Trust you are having a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you did.




Aliene said...

Children can always make you laugh.
And make you think you have rocks in your head. Hang in there.
I invite you to visit my blog when you have time and follow if you wish.

Rebecca said...

Ha! Are you sure there aren't actual rocks? I had a pony bead incident in my house many years ago.
Rebecca F.

Martie said...

Aliene, I will stop by for a visit! Thanks for dropping by here. I hope you enjoyed your stay.

Rebecca, I am pretty certain that there is nothing other than 'normal' matter up her nose. :) However, thanks for the heads up.