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We have been so busy around here. Wanted to put an update on life as we know it.

Rachel's lip biopsy came back the first part of this week. Everything looked pretty good. There was signs of acute inflammation - but no cancer. Praise the Lord. In the past day it looks better than it has. She saw the ENT on Friday. The decision has been made to take the tonsils out. Surgery is scheduled for Monday morning next week. We are hoping that this will help improve her health. I am not an advocate for just ripping something God put into your body out as a first option. However, since she has been sick for so long; and we have tried so much - we feel that this is by far not our first option. This also will allow them to biopsy a part of her lymph system and check for cancer. We are praying for a positive outcome there - and also that perhaps the tonsils have been holding in virus' and bacteria that are making her sick. We do not know that for sure - but it is a shot we feel we need to take at this time.

We see the pain management clinic tomorrow and are hoping for a change in one of her meds. The side effects have been quite debilitating. The surgery coming up may also allow us the chance to get her off of a few meds for the actual surgery and then be able to reevaluate which ones she still needs. I am praying for a good appointment tomorrow. They are not my favorite group of docs to work with - so we will see.

Since Christmas, Rachel has been pretty sick and back and forth to the doctor and even a hospitalization - with that said, school has been put on hold. We also had transcripts to work out and books to get ordered for the new semester. God has shut doors and opened others - so it has been a bit of a trip and we are finding ourselves in different waters in regards to doing school at home different than we have ever done it. Everything is in and we are ready to start. We had our first walk through day today and tomorrow will start everything out as normal. It is hard for me to even post this - as school and academics are a strong point for me and to say we have had this long of an extended break seems to somewhat be admitting to defeat. However, it seems very clear that God has allowed for the delay as there were so many things out of our control in order to get the semester started. I am encouraged by the fact that so much can be learned outside of the classroom and my kids have been learning of things the world of academia does not teach. We will start bright and early in the morning - and be working through some summer months to finish up the school year. When it comes to a close we will have a high school graduate, a junior high graduate, an elementary graduate and a kindergarten graduate. It has been a big year. :)

Zak had a follow up appointment with his hearing. There has been no further hearing loss in the last 6 months! We were thankful for that. For the time being, he only needs the one hearing aid and everything seems to be working perfectly! I have so much fun watching him do his hearing tests. Maybe next time I will take my camera. The smile he makes when he hears the sounds through the giant headphones on his head is enough to melt any mother's heart!

Sorry the posts have been lacking; but I have just not been home much. Seems this week has been the doctor appointment week of the year. We also are finishing up a remodel on the kitchen. I should have an oven that is in working order and baking something come this time Saturday night. YES!

Thanks for stopping by. I am so glad you did.


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