What's For Dinner

I enjoy visiting other blogs when I have the time. Several of the blogs that I visit post their weekly menu on Monday's. I do try to plan a menu to be able to have some semblance of normal when it comes to kitchen duties. My plan is to post my menu each week - not as much for you all to see (which I don't mind if you do) :) - but more for me to have a day set aside that I have to have the menu posted. I will post only the dinner menu - as that is the only one I have to make since our breakfast and lunch menus are on a rotating schedule. So here is my first Menu posting - done this week on Tuesday.

Monday: Stroganoff / Green Beans (made by Abbey*)

Tuesday: Italian Cream Cheese Chicken / Tossed Salad (made by Rachel*)

Wednesday: Pasta Fagioli / Homemade Bread

Thursday: Farmhouse Chicken / Tossed Salad

Friday: Homemade Pizza / Tossed Salad

Saturday: Homemade Baked Mac and Cheese (found a crock pot recipe that I am going to try)

Sunday: Roast / Baked Potatoes / Green Beans / Carrot Sticks

*The older girls have their nights that they fix dinner. They tell me what they are making and I put it on the menu and purchase the ingredients for it when I go shopping. Abbey cooks on Monday nights and Rachel has the kitchen all to herself on Tuesday nights. I enjoy having a couple of nights off from cooking.

I did not realize how many of my recipes this week were from Tammy's site. I LOVE Tammy's site! If you have not visited her - I hope you are able to find the time to visit for a spell there. The recipes she has posted are easy and seem to be user friendly for a Mom with kids - since they were made by a Mom with kids.
So that is my first posted menu. What's your plans for dinner this week?

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