Worshiping Together as a Family

We were together at church tonight. The whole family! It has been months since this has happened; and it was wonderful!

What a week we have had. It was a week ago on Monday since Rachel had her surgery. Tuesday she came down with pneumonia; but the rest of the week has been uneventful. Or, perhaps, it has been very eventful - but in the right direction. On Thursday both Rob and I noticed that she was looking better. The dark circles under her eyes were better and she had color in her cheeks. She was looking healthier. That has continued through the weekend. We are pleased! She attended the Sunday evening service. It was a blessing to be there as a family.

There has been so many questions going on in my head. Thoughts and pondering on prayer. So deeply I have pondered these things that I have even laid awake at night thinking. The Bible passages have been read over and over again. Questions still remain. Many questions. I wish that we had the ability to put the questions into God's google system and have the answers appear on screen moments after the question was typed in.

Prayer is something I do not understand fully. Perhaps that makes so much of it a faith issue. I know God is drawing me to a deeper understanding of this discipline. So much of my heart cry throughout the day is as the disciples, 'teach me, Lord to pray!'. It is exciting to know that when God leads us to a deeper understanding of truth - He answers the question - or gives us the faith to accept the things we can not understand.

On a lighter note, Zak prayed tonight for us to get another baby. Does Zak know something we do not? If we get a call here in the next few months about a baby - I will know that is God's way of telling me I need to talk to Zak and get his insight on this matter of prayer. :)

Tonight I will go to bed, lay my head on my pillow and thank God for allowing us the privilege of going to church as a family. I will think to myself how I will never take that for granted again.

Just my thoughts. Good night.


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Becky K. said...

Praise God! I am so glad for all of you. Rachel feeling better is huge!
Being together in worship is beautiful.

Another baby? That would be cool!
Maybe he does know something.....
In any case I do hope you get some peaceful times now to rest and catch up after these hard, hard months.