The Time Out

It has been a long week. Special meetings at church make for long days - and long nights. The two little ones seem to show the first signs of the schedule 'getting to them'. They cry more easily and fight more readily.

Such was the case on this particular morning that I took these photos. I had heard enough bickering to last me a week long! I finally separated them. One on the couch in the front room - the other on the couch in the office. I spat out a phrase that made me sound like a seasoned mother - one I am sure my own mother used on me when I was their age. "If you can't play nice with each other - than you both won't play at all." I squared my shoulders and told them they could sit there and think about how to place nice with each other. (To be perfectly honest, I really did not care what they thought about - so long as they were away from each other and being quiet!)

This is what I found about 5 minutes later. It made me laugh. They did not need to be away from each other as much as they needed a good nap! I let them indulge in the bliss of sleep for sometime. Not because I am nice. I just enjoyed the quiet for a little longer than a time out would have afforded me. :)

Trust your weekend finds you enjoying the little things in life. Even the time outs!



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Becky K. said...

Awww...that is so sweet. Being tired does make everything seem that much more irritating. Siblings included.