The garden is almost planted. I have always wanted a big garden. This year we were able to obtain a plot of land set aside specifically for gardeners. The community garden allows residents to plant in a 40x40 plot. So, James and I have made it our summer project. We spent hours out there all ready; but we are starting to see rewards to our labor already popping out through the soil. It is wonderful to be out in the country air, listening to the birds sing and watching them fly overhead. It was most wonderful, however, to be spending time with James working and talking. I know that at the end of the summer I will have harvested more than just a garden. All summer on that hill I will be planting memories that we will remember, and enjoy for many years to come.

The school year is finished. Rachel is done with high school and plans are being made for her graduation. I am busy planning out our summer schedule and making outings for us to enjoy during the weeks that lay ahead. We will be focusing on the kids all increasing in their piano skills. We also are planning quite a bit of time to work together on family music. Always an adventure!

Plans also have been made to go to the park more often with the kids. I have been challenged to spend my time meeting other people from the community with the express purpose of building bridges and sharing my faith. I am convinced that building relationships is vital for the cause of Christ and motivated to add to my time more opportunities to meet people in my community who need to see Christ. I heard on the radio last week that "Christianity is making Jesus believable." How can I make Christ believable if I am never around those who need Him? I have been greatly challenged with that thought!

Rob and I have been talking a lot about the busyness of life. It gets draining running from this thing to that thing. Seems our lives have been wrapped up in so much that at times there is this feeling of foreboding that we are missing the things that our most important. Deeply this has weighed upon us and caused us reason for evaluation. I think right now we have more questions than answers; but we know this: some things need to change. Relationships are what life is all about. If our lives are too busy to build relationships with those we care about the most - then life is too busy. Period. Lots to evaluate and ponder here.

A trip to the doctor last week showed us that I needed to have surgery. Thursday I will be undergoing a pretty major surgery that we have put off for some times; but feel that we need to take care of it at this time. I will be down for a few weeks; but have enlisted the help of the older kids around the house. Meals are being made and frozen to make life a little easier during the recovery time. I am thankful that it will only require a short hospitalization; and hope to be up and running (or at least walking good) in 2-3 weeks.

So much ahead of us. So much of life being thought about and evaluated. It is shaping up to be a very profitable and building summer for our family. I am excited!

Thanks for stopping by and listening to me ramble on about life here. Trust your summer plans are coming into place.



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