We are out of town this weekend, up north, where my husband is preaching. Grandparents are close by by and the kids have been spilt between the the grandparent's house and the hotel. The older kids are with Nana and Papa and the younger ones are with us.

Just the four of us. Quite a rarity to have only two kids with us. With motel being our abode for the night, and only two kids for which to prep for bed and church the next day, it feels like we are on vacation or something. LOL.

We arrived at our room last night and started the bath water for one of them. Then I began my work on getting clothes pressed for the next morning. It really was work; because there were several pieces that needed to be pressed and all the hotel had to offer was a small ironing board. It brought back college memories from years ago. (College - was also up North, not too far from here, so it helped the trip down memory lane!)

Kids got baths and the two youngest got tucked into their bed for the night. It had been a long day and sleep seemed to come easily for them. I was so thankful. At the computer across the room, Rob was going over his message for the next day. I was sitting and reading some verses. It was then that I looked at the two in the bed. Still. Quiet. Sleeping. Deep, steady breaths enveloping their bodies every several seconds.

I stared at them as the slept and thought how thankful I was for them. Each of them. I thought about how blessed my life is because of the gift of them. I thought of how both of them could be somewhere else, calling someone else Mommy, holding someone else's hand as they walk outside to the park. I thought about how someone else's cheeks could be the ones being smothered with kisses and someone else's ears could be the ones hearing "I love you, Mommy."

I thought about how much God has given me in the gift of these two little ones. Adoption - such a beautiful choice. Adoption gives a child the chance at a life he or she may have never known; but it also gives a set of parents the experience of finding out their hearts can love more than they ever dreamed possible. I never knew I could love two kids this much. More than my own life. I am indeed blessed by God.


Persuaded said...

I know precisely how you feel my dear♥

Do you still have the urge to adopt more? I don't think more kids are in the plan for our family, but oh, how I would adore another little one!

Jodi said...

Ooh...I love reading your reflection on the amazing gift of adoption. This time of year is so special to me as we celebrate each of our kids' adoptions and the amazing miracle that brought us all together to be a family. God is so good to us, isn't he?!!

Martie said...

Persuaded, Plans to adopt more? No; but if God opened the doors we would not say no. Most days I am sure that our quiver is full; occasionally, I think about the fact that we would have room for one more.

Jodi, God is SOOO very very good to us.