I Will Win

On Saturday evening I finally made it over to the garden. With the surgeries and recovery time I have not been there for about a month. The day before my first surgery I went out and got everything ready for being gone for a few days. I did not anticipate having two major surgeries and recovery time longer than I had originally planned. So, besides one short visit to the garden after my first surgery this was my very first time there in a month.

It was sad. There were weeds. Then there were some more weeds. Then, you guessed it, more weeds.

If I needed something visual to make me feel like a total and complete failure the garden did it!
It amazed me how quickly the weeds could take over and with what vitality and gusto they have claimed their ground.

I refuse to be defeated, however. Come Monday - - I will prevail. The weeds will be dominated; and that 40 x 40 plot will look like I am a gardener at heart. Unfortunately, I am still unable to do much; and much is required for me to get this garden back into shape!

Enter: four energetic children.

Labor laws will be violated tomorrow. Children will be working. There will be complaining. I will not relent until that garden looks like it is ready for a Better Homes and Garden photo shoot. I plan on waking up at the crack of dawn, rousing the troops, assembling a good wholesome breakfast and heading out the door.

Note: The theory for the crack of dawn is not completely to build character; but rather to protect pride. There is no way on God’s green earth that I want any other community gardener to see who is responsible for the patch of weeds that houses our garden.

I will win. I will have a garden area worth putting my name on.

Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you did. Happy Gardening to all…

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