Film Credits

With recovery looming ahead, Rob was a good Dad and husband and went to the library to find some kid friendly movies for the two little ones. This has been a lifesaver for me. He was able to bring home some Bible story movies. Zak and Anna love these movies. I got a kick out of Zak telling me about which movie he wanted to watch one afternoon.

Me: “Which movie do you want to watch, Zak?”
Zak: (Picking up the movie about Moses) I think I will watch this one. (Looking down at the case and taking a hard look at the movie) “Yes, it is this one.”
Me: You want to watch the Moses movie?
Zak: That’s the one. God’s in that one. He plays the burning bush. Yes, that’s the one I want to watch.

He is always good for a great laugh! With Zak around there is always a laugh looming in the near future

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