Zak was asked to choose a picture for his incentive chart. He has decided to have quite the fascination with T-Rex dinosaurs. When this particular breed of dinosaurs comes up he inevitably asks the questions, "Why do they eat meat?" and "What do you think the meat they eat tastes like?

The day his chart was made was no exceptions. The dinosaurs of choice was made and the questions asked. Then he had to choose - choose from the wide variety of pictures that featured T-Rex dinosaurs. He searched and searched through the rows of pictures, his teacher by his side. Then suddenly he spotted it.

'That one, right there!" The chair came out from under him as he stood to his feet and pointed rapidly at the screen. "That's the one. That one right there."

The teacher clicked on the picture and pushed the print button. Out came the coveted picture of choice. I was absolutely amazed at what he had chosen. There before me sat a huge T-Rex dinosaur. He was either starting or finishing his meal - a deer. There on the ground lay a dead deer, a hunk of meat hanging from the dinosaur's mouth - blood dripping from it as the dinosaur fed his hungry belly.

I was staring at the graphic picture amazed that my son would choose that one. I was a little concerned and then I heard the teacher ask, "What are you going to name your dinosaur?"

Zak gazed at the picture in quiet contemplation. (I was still looking at the picture also, contemplating therapy for my child.) Zak tipped his head to the left as he got a better look at the horrific scene on the poster board taped to his desk. "I will name him... Sweetheart. Yes, that's his name, Sweetheart."

I tipped my head to look at the picture with the name attached. I don't know, he just did not look like a 'Sweetheart' to me; but then beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I guess Zak saw something in him I did not.

One thing about it, with Zak in school there will be fewer laughs at home during the day; but I guess I am willing to share him with others. The world needs a little more smiles, a few more laughs, and a lot more 'Sweethearts'.

Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you did!