Spelling at the Palace

Our Anna is ALL girl.   She is four and thinks that our house is her palace.  You will find her most days walking around in pretend dress up shoes and sunglasses.  She loves to comb her own hair; but prefers for you to cut her food - (she does not want to get her hands dirty).

Rob says that I play into her delusion.  What do you think?

Anna ( to Mom) - How do you spell princess?

Mom:  A - N - N - A.

Anna:  Oh, like my name.

Mom - That's right, just like your name.

Later that night.  Daddy was sitting in his chair reading his paper.

Anna:  Daddy, how do you spell princess?

Dad:  P-R-I-N  (Stops abruptly, as the little one in front of him bursts into tears)

Anna:  (Crying)  That's not how you spell princess.

Dad:  How do you spell princess?

Anna:  (Anna, wiping away tears)  A -N -N- A

Rob:  (Sounding quite authoritative)  Martie!

I thank God everyday that He has allowed me to be her Mommy.  Such a precious wonderful gift.  Trust today you were able to enjoy the gifts God has given to you.

Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you did.


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Kimmie said...

that is very sweet. So many ways to spell Princess.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted