My "Catch Up" Post

I am purposing *again* to make my blog a part of my life. I would like to say that the time away has been good and I have enjoyed just ‘living’; however, I have missed it more than I can express here in cyber world. I have found that even though I have not blogged life has gone on and I can live without writing about it. I do though, so love writing and I love journaling about our family life (even if no one but me reads it!)

This past fall we went into a major debt reduction (ore better put illumination) plan. We balanced our budget and special interest items in our life had to go (a concept our Governor understood and acted upon – go Walker!) Many things were cut from our spending list. We cut out extra trips into town and cut down our gas expense. (I will not even put on paper the amount of money we were spending when we were driving 45 minutes each day to take the kids to school!) We cut out almost all eating out; although Rob and I will steal away for a date now and then and share a plate at our local Chinese move and decided that we would use the local library for our internet needs. When you have to go somewhere in order to blog – well blogging time gets cut too.

Well, with all our cuts; and may I say, we could have made more; we were able to be debt free this past February. It was a wonderful feeling! About the same time as our debt was taken care of, God began to show us the next chapter of our lives. I would like to say that change is very easy for me; but alas, it is not. I confront any change with kicking and screaming (mostly in my head and heart and not where anyone passing by our house can hear!) Well, the new chapter that God was showing to us revealed that we would be moving over 1,000 miles away. That many miles can mean only one thing – c.h.a.n.g.e. (Did I mention that I do not do well with change?)

Well, God has given peace and we are heading south in five weeks. With the move, we will be adding internet to the house and I will be able to blog more. God has provided a buyer for our house, a house down South that is everything we have ever desired and a good church for us to plug into and get involved in. I can write with full honesty, that I am SO excited about the move that is before us. (If you knew how hard this has been for me, you would be surprised that I write the word excited in a post about our Southern move!)

 It is really wired blogging about our life when I have not kept up with it for so long (similar to trying to pray to God when it has been a while since I talked with Him – you feel like you have to catch up on everything before you can go on with what you are wanting to say for right now). So, with that said, that is what has been happening (in a nutshell – there has been so much that has happened in the past year). Now, I will start blogging about what IS happening and what I am doing *right* now.

So, stay tuned for more posts they are coming. I am ready to jump back and in and I cannot miss journaling about the big move in our lives. I want this recorded so I can look back and remember how we did it and the ways God made it all possible.

Thanks for sticking with me if you are an old reader (totally referring to the length of time you have been reading my blog – not any other meaning intended in that statement!) If you are a new reader, feel free to jump into our lives now as they are happening. No matter who you are or how long I have known you I am glad you are reading and I am especially glad I am blogging again. It feels so good to be back at the computer again.

Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you did.

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