The Plan

I have set out on the task of getting a plan in order that will help us to move our family without having to go in crisis mode. This has been my endeavor. Not really sure if I will be successful; but you never know till you try. Right? This past week I have been busy writing out all that we need to do before we head out in 26 days. Yes, you read that right, 26 days! The countdown has begun! In less than 30 days we will be living in the south, eating southern food and learning to talk a new language. LOL.

I have my list ready. I got a notebook piece of paper and numbered each line. There is one line for each day in the month of June. My list starts tomorrow; but I have been working a lot this week. I must say that I love planning. I love organizing and this past week I have been in my element planning out the move. I love this stuff! Now, actually doing the plan – well that is not so much fun; but I will stay on task. I will!

The List:

 1. Mudroom Completely Packed
3. Church (Rob Preaching in Waupun)
4. Laundry Day / Pack and Clean Basement Pantry
5. Town Day / Go to Dollar Store and get disposable cooking trays and pizza pans
6. Zak’s last day of School
7. Kitchen Day: Make 4 Meals to freeze / Go to Horicon Marsh with the kids for a hike
10. Church
11. Laundry Day
12. Town Day: Purchase Paper Products to be used the last week in the house
14. Kitchen Day: Make 3 Frozen Meals / Pack the Kitchen Box* / Pack the Snack Box*
15. Pack Front Room / Rob’s Office / Pack Activity Boxes* / Gym Membership done
16. Pack Bathroom
17. Church – Father’s Day
18. Pack Suitcases* / Pack Girls’ Rooms
19. Celebrate Birthdays / Put Sunday Clothes in Closet upstairs w/ shoes / Got to PO fill out change of address slip / Pack entire Kitchen
20. Pack Boys’ Room (Start using frozen meals in freezer and paper products)
21. Make sure All laundry is done / Pack our room
22. Washer and Dryer brought up to garage / Tear down beds / Clean Basement / Schedule Thrift Store to pick up items not going with us
23. All Bedroom furniture down / All Yard work done / Upstairs cleaned / Kids camp out in front room / Tear Down Trampoline
24. Church
26. Rachel – take clothing and sheets to the laundry mat / Load Truck / Clean main level of house / shampoo carpets / Stay at motel
27. Leave for North Carolina!!!!!

 • Kitchen Box : Supply of paper plates, glasses and napkins and utensils / Peanut butter and jelly/ dried fruit/ baked chips/ 2 boxes of cereal TO BE USED: for the first meal there at the house and the first breakfast.

• Snack Box: Trail Mix / Dried Fruit / Water Bottles / Baked Chips / (Will be added to as we get closer to the trip with fresh veggies and fruit.) TO BE USED: in the vehicles on the trip down.

 • Activity Box: Coloring Books / Map of the route / Facts list about each state we are traveling through / colored pencils / books/ books on tape / Unused steno notebook TO BE USED: By the kids during the trip to keep Mom and Dad sane.

• Suitcases: Four total. We will use just these clothes and wash them as we need to before and during the move. Each suitcase will contain the entire families clothing for that day. One suitcase will be specifically packed with work clothes for the moving day and the unpacking day. Shoes will also be in the bags.

So this is the plan.  I will keep you posted on how things are coming here.  I can not tell you how excited I am about moving!!

Thanks for stopping by.  I am so glad you did.


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Carol Lotter said...

How are the plans working out? I am like you; I love the planning, but putting the plan into action doesn't always happen! ;-)

Great ideas about freezer meals, the kitchen, snack and activity boxes! I'll have to tuck those away for future reference.

Your family will be missed, but we will be praying for you as you begin a new chapter in the perfect plan God has for your family!

Carol Lotter