The Last Week's Menu

The last full weeks of menu's while we are in Wisconsin.  This is the week that we go to freezer meals.  I am hoping that the weather helps us out in reheating the freezer meals without having to turn on the AC.  We will see. 

Monday:  Leftovers (time to clean out the fridge and eat up whatever is left in there - Zak??)

Tuesday:  Sandwich Bar (this will be our evening meal as we are going to Appleton to celebrate two of the kids' birthdays)

Wednesday:  Burritos (Freezer)

Thursday:  Farmhouse Chicken (Freezer)

Friday:  Frozen Homemade Pizza

Saturday:  Scalloped Potatoes and Ham (Freezer)

Sunday:  Baked Chicken

The kitchen is due to be all packed by Tuesday night.  We move to paper plates and cups and everything is frozen in disposable cooking trays.  I am leaving out one sharp knife.  One serving spoon and 3 dish clothes and 2 dish towels.  We will see how this all goes. 

Hope you have a great week. 


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