Southern Move Take Two

We are looking at the move down south as an adventure.

We have made the game plan; and so far, things are going as planned at the Spurgeon household. I am loving having everything charted out and planned. It has allowed for more time to allow us to visit and see friends that we want to get together with before we move away from here. I am becoming more and more convinced that I do not do enough to make sure that relationships are a top priority. It seems in the busy lives we live that relationships sometimes take a back seat. Having this game plan has allowed me to be able to schedule in time for lunch visits and get together with girl friends I am going to miss when I am gone.

As with any adventure, there have been challenges. On Friday Zak broke his finger playing soccer. I was hoping that it was just jammed or sprained; but when he got up on Saturday I was greeted with a very swollen black and blue finger. I spent the entire morning at the doctor’s office. It was not until yesterday that we were able to finally get it completely immobile and set correctly.

We also have had the challenge of a little one that is sick. Anna spent Sunday afternoon throwing up and fighting a very high fever. She has been spiking fevers throughout the week and has not felt very well at all. It is so hard for me when they get fevers. I can tell myself a hundred times a day that a fever is good – the body’s natural way to fight infections. However, this does not calm my heart and I find myself prone to fear and anxiety. So, there have been quite a few sleepless nights this week checking on her and making sure that she is doing OK through the night. Thankfully, she has been up and around more today. I think the worse is behind us.

So, as I was thinking this morning that we are looking at this as an adventure. Then I thought about the good adventure movies I have seen in my lifetime. Every really really good adventure movie has some sort of challenge and set back. (Like broken bones or illness or snow storms or… you get my drift!) So our life is like a really good action/adventure movie right now. And you know what? I am fine with that. I can handle action adventure pretty well. I just don’t want it to change to a sci-fi movie or a thriller or a horror movie. I have decided that as long as it stays in the action adventure category I will be fine. I have also resolved myself to knowing that our life has moved past the romantic drama. Perhaps, when the kids are all grown and gone we can have that label again. Although, our life movie has romance in it – it is only an occasional scene that comes every once in a great while. After the doctor’s visits or when we are done cleaning up the vomit from the floor. LOL

These days we are living through right now are our life. The days we will remember LONG after the kids have grown and gone. These are the days we will wish we could live over again. So, while I am in the middle of them, I will choose to enjoy them and to remind myself that the really good adventures come with the challenges and the breathtaking peril that makes it worth the watching. I think, years from now we will figure it made for a life that was interesting and that we enjoyed living.

Well, best go. I have yet another scene to do – and by the way, I do all of my own stunts. 

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