We have officially been in North Carolina for a little over three weeks. Rob has been looking for a job as soon as we had everything settled into the house. That means has been looking for work foldr almost three weeks. That calculates into hours and hours of job searching. Line upon line of paperwork to fill out and applications to hand in. However, the job market is so slow here that we have not had the response to his applications that we had anticipated. The phone has been silent even though the car has a lot more miles on it in quest of the job – any job.

With the silence, there has been a level of concern rising from our hearts. Our prayers have become more fervent and even the little ones can be heard praying that “God give Daddy a job.” (At this point, any job will be a blessing!) It has been a bit of a trial; but a trial I am thankful that God has allowed us to go through. We have never been out weeks looking for a job – most of the time we have had a job waiting when one ends. We know understand the stress that happens in a family when the financial income is uncertain.

The grocery budget has taken a hit. I have asked God to give me wisdom to know what to purchase and what to do without. (It occurred to me this morning that my childhood memories with my Mom in the kitchen to do include her using a spray can to oil the pans when she baked. Those did not exist way back then! We used our hands to grease the pans and washed when soap when we were finished with the jobs. So, if my Mom made it without spray cans of oils – I think I can cross that off my list for a little while. )

I have been amazed at how God has provided for us. Walking into a gas station to pick up a gallon of milk and a farmer met me with a box full of squash. Seemed he had too much and needed to find someone that could use it. Then there was the elderly lady at the Dollar General who came in and told me she had something for me. I begged her pardon to make sure I had heard her correctly. She told me she had tomatoes that she wondered if I could use. I left with a bag full of tomatoes and a heart that made me wonder if God had sent an angel to give me a bunch of tomatoes. (You see, she came in the store, found me, loaded me up with the vegetables and then got in her car and drove away.) Regardless of who she was, she was used by God to show me that He will always provide. He will always take care of us. She blessed me with more than vitamin C and tomatoes that taste better than anything I have ever tasted!

There was the corn given to us at church that completed a meal and tasted sweeter than sweet. There was the boxes of food that caused such excitement when we unloaded them and planned what we could use the food for in the weeks to come. God has given blessing upon blessing. Money for gas and wisdom for items we knew not how to use. I am thankful that my kids are learning how to be thankful for what we have. How to pray like they have never prayed and I am thankful that we are finding God faithful over and over again.

It is interesting to me how much God uses other people to meet needs. May I never close my eyes again to the needs of others. May I always be tender to the leading of the Holy Spirit when He prompts me to meet a need of someone that he brings to my attention. May I never forget the sweetness of knowing that God is my Provider and Sufficiency.

Thank you God for this trial. I am able to see you so much more clearly when life is uncertain. You only are my Rock and My expectation is in You. Trust you are finding in Him all you need. For, He is All in All. Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you did. Blessings, ~Martie

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Steph said...

PRAYING for you and your family. I see my nursing as part of my ministry, so I do work out side the home. We are blessed with a good paying job for me. But, life would be easier if Michael found a job. He has been out for 13 weeks. We have a solid job lead that he interviewed for today. I pray he gets it IF IT IS GODS WILL! We want jobs like mine that provided more family time. God placed me in my job he will place our husbands when the time is right. We just con't to pray!