Vacation Bible School is just around the corner at our church.  We have spent a little bit of the day prepping for a craft we will use in during the VBS week.  Craft paint has been open on a table and our afternoon busy with getting Popsicle sticks painted and foam decorations divided.  It has been a lot of fun!

Abbey has a way with cookies.  Watching Abbey bake cookies is like watching an artist paint.  She loves to bake and she loves to bake just so.  It is easy to answer her question of “Can I bake some…?” with a yes; because I know that the delicacy that she bakes will turn out right, the kitchen will be cleaned up afterwards and we will have lots of whatever it is that she has created.  Abbey loves to bake.
That is why she has earned an honorary title of baker in our home.  That is why when we have company over I ask Abbey what it is that she wants to bake.  That is why when we have church fellowships I allow Abbey kitchen time; and that is why wherever we have lived Abbey knows that VBS cookies will be her assignment.

Her assignment has been completed and we are just about ready for VBS to start.  Zak and Anna can hardly wait and I am hoping that I come up with enough games to keep kids active and enthralled before their parents pick them up. 
If you are in the area next week join us for VBS.  You’ll be glad you did!

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